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"This course is a must! Do yourself a favor and take it before you sign any contracts!"

- Dr. David N. Croop
Cincinnati, OH


Enjoy a dental office that is designed to enhance your ability to practice, an office planned for current as well as future technologies, an office designed for success. See how the success of your practice is directly affected by the choices you make in room relationships, lighting types, ceiling heights and all the other details that communicate quality, encourage patients to tell their friends about you, and keep you and your staff enthusiastic, efficient and productive. Let us show you how to create not only an attractive environment for your practice, but one with appropriate zoning of public and private functions in combination with unimpeded flow. Produce as much as you choose in a state-of-the-art, asepsis conscious facility, while experiencing less stress. Whether you are leasing, buying, remodeling or constructing a new building, this course will prove invaluable.
  • Selecting Your Project Team

    Selecting Your Project Team

    • How to evaluate, hire and pay architects, interior designers and contractors
    • Types of agreements to avoid
    • The importance of your Design Program
  • Determining Your Space Requirements

    Determining Your Space Requirements

    • Identifying the number of treatment rooms or chairs and the resulting total space size
    • Optimum treatment room delivery configurations and dimensions
    • Defining the "ideal" lease hold/condo or building site and selection criteria
  • Optimizing a Floor Plan

    Developing the Optimum Floor Plan

    • How to successfully layer public from private areas
    • How to coordinate staff/provider and patient flow patterns for reduced stress
    • Create the best reception/reappointing/finance business area possible
    • Incorporating a state-of-the-art sterilization center
    • Specialist and shared facility considerations
  • Equipment Considerations

    Equipment Considerations

    • Evaluating dental delivery systems, equipment and cabinetry in relation to your needs
    • Dental equipment that provides a positive benefit-to-cost ratio
  • Successful Interior Design

    Successful Interior Design

    • Using color, finishes, furnishings, art and accessories to communicate quality
    • Creating an environment unique to your practice
    • Selecting finish materials with optimal value
    • Marketing your practice through the office image
    • Maximizing your budget with advance planning and competitive bidding
  • Planning Costs, Financing and Where to Save

    Costs, Financing and Where to Save

    • Determining your project's financial feasibility
    • Financing alternatives
    • Eliminate the chance of costly change orders
  • Assuring an On-Time Project

    Assuring an On-Time Project

    • Establishing a realistic project time line
    • Identifying and planning for possible time traps
    • Avoiding the unexpected mandatory vacation


Dr. Steve Baldwin & Dr. Kyle Benton visited the Frozen Prairie to discuss the planning and interior design for their new six chair general dental building to be constructed in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. We toured offices in the morning and the afternoon was devoted to selecting their interior finish materials with Nikki Skomal, our Director of Interior Design.

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