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"Objective and very insightful. A world of information without the fluff. Well worth the trip!"

- Dr. Tyler Hubbard
Sturgeon Bay, WI

Dental Office Design by Dr. Michael Unthank DDS, Architect – Lincoln, NE

"Absolutely the best continuing education course I have ever attended! Packed with practical information!" - Dr. John Rhodes, Cookeville, Tennessee

"Incredible seminar! Provides everything you need to know in a single day!" - Dr. Tom Malovoz, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"The best CE course I have ever taken!" - Dr. Lance Shears, Parkersburg, West Virginia

"More useful information per minute than any other course I've taken!" - Dr. Lou Chmura, Marshall, Michigan

"Best organized course of its kind! Dr. Unthank knows a dentist's needs because he is one and has practiced dentistry." - Dr. Brian Kelleher, Raleigh, North Carolina

"The most informative and efficiently presented seminar I have ever attended!" - Dr. Patricia R. Mason, Lincoln, Alabama

"Objective and very insightful. A world of information without the fluff. Well worth the trip!" - Dr. Tyler Hubbard, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

"Essential information for making what may be the biggest investment of your life!" - Dr. Michael Schmidt, Palmyra, Indiana

"I just can't imagine how any dentist can proceed with a project so important without all the information Dr. Unthank provides. By the end of the day my tuition for the course had been paid thousands of dollars over. Thanks!" - Dr. Roberto Monteagudo, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Great information! Really makes you reevaluate the concepts of traditional thinking" - Dr. Steven G. Robinette, Niceville, Florida

"Dr. Unthank's course presentation is well organized and delivered with an entertaining speaking style. It opened my eyes to the true potential of our practice!" - Dr. John C. Klooster, Indianapolis, Indiana

"This seminar definitely gives you everything you need to begin an office design. Dr.Unthank has really done his homework!!" - Dr. Edmond J. Allison, Cape Coral, Florida

"You should not even consider building or renovating your office without first attending this course!" - Dr. Robert Schoettger, Lincoln, Nebraska

"We learned so much! The expertise of a dentist who is also an architect is great to have!" - Dr. Cynthia Deragon, Fort Myers, Florida

"I found this course to be very helpful. Dr. Unthank speaks with a great deal of experience and knowledge. I was pleased to know he suggested the most expensive solution wasn't necessarily the best solution." - Dr. Rose Bailey, Olympia, Washington

"This seminar will be the best and most cost-effective money you'll spend on your new office or remodeling project." - Dr. Chuck Hughes, Dyersburg, Tennessee

"This course is a must! Do yourself a favor and take it before you sign any contracts!" - Dr. David N. Croop, Cincinnati, Ohio

"This seminar opened my eyes to the fact that the art and science of dentistry begins with the design of the dental office, not with the turning of the hand piece"- Dr. Kimberly A. Dettori, Stuart, Florida

"I have recommended this course for years and every client I've sent has been glad they went. Your course is jam-packed with good information! It is a must!" - Bill Rossi, Advanced Practice Management, Edina, Minnesota

"A small investment in time and tuition has saved me thousands in my project!" - Dr. Michael L. Ortman, Dayton, Ohio

"This course exceeded all my expectations! Do not consider new office plans without attending!" - Dr. Paul Ladone, Westchester, Illinois

"Do not buy, lease or build an office without taking this course!" - Dr. Brian Dennis, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Extremely informative and precise. I don't know where else I could have gotten this information. It was very comprehensive." - Dr. Pat O'Connor, Cincinnati, Ohio

"An excellent eye opening program! Every aspect was thoroughly covered from A to Z!" - Dr. John C. Kaminski, Chicago, Illinois

"This was the most interesting (start to finish), best organized, most fully resourced and most professionally presented seminar that I have attended in my 27 years of dentistry! The pearls were coming so fast, it was an effort to get them all down!" - Dr. James Eldersveld, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"An excellent course for anyone building an office. The tuition and travel costs will be saved many fold in construction savings. Thank you!" - Dr. David Graham, Chesapeake, Virginia

"A real eye opener. I thought my project was unattainable. Dr. Unthank and his co-presenters showed me otherwise. Time to get started! - Dr. Richard Leong, Medford, Oregon

"This course is a must for anyone considering a new office....all points of consideration are covered!" - Dr. C. Yourstowsky, Boardman, Ohio

"The amount of detail presented in this course is incredible!" - Dr. Gary Torres, Titusville, Florida

"Awesome! A million little (very important) details most of us would never think of when designing an office." - Dr. M. Bingham, Salt Lake City, Utah

"As a recent graduate, this course helped me funnel and refine all of my aspirations and motivation into a workable starting place, with the knowledge of how to successfully proceed." - Dr. Brian Rencher, Twin Falls, Idaho

"Tremendous presentation that should be given to all graduating students and practicing dentists who are forward thinking!" - Dr. Phelan Thomas, West Des Moines, Iowa

"Very informative - bring your staff along; encourage it!!" - Dr. Juan C. Curci, Sarasota, Florida